Traditional and contemporary straw work & straw plaited jewellery

Somerset Star


The Somerset Star house blessing is one of my own designs and is associated with the region of North Somerset. I have used traditional folding techniques to create the star like design, like many traditional wheat designs it can be hung in the home to bring protection and prosperity.

Corndolly house blessings are probably the oldest of traditional designs, they were made to provide a home for the grain spirit after the harvest, they were kept for the year in the home and so became associated with safety and protection. They were often placed near the hearth so the spirits power could reach the entire house hold and letter buried in the field or burn as an offering for a plentiful harvest.

The piece measures approximately 20cm x 15cm, There is a ribbon loop for hanging.

Making & delivery times: This piece will take 5-10 working days to make and send.

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