Traditional and contemporary straw work & straw plaited jewellery

Product Care

The Straw:

Straw is a wonderful material to work with. From the some what messy work of processing the sheaves to plaiting intricate decorative designs and jewellery, there are endlesss possibilities to the types of art you can create,

The straw I use is a natural material, a traditional long straw called Maris Widgeon. It is grown in the rural countryside of Staffordshire. All my items are made from straw grown during  that years growing season and  the straw can vary in colour and size depending on how the weather has been that year. I love this about the straw I use, it gives my creations an authenticity and connection to the land, seasons and climate.

How to care for your Straw Crafts:

It is very important to store/hang your item in a dry place. If the straw gets wet or damp it will begin to break down, get moldy and discoloured.

Sunlight ages straw beautifully!

Corn Moth aresmall light brown moths that feed off of the wheat ears. 

I am vigilant in ensuring that the straw i use is quarantined and sprayed with a moth repellant to ensure no moths are present on your purchase. However you may still encounter the little blighters and here is how to get rid of them.

  1. Shake off the moths from your product, outside, and spray with a moth killer/repellent. Place the item in a plastic bang and leave for a day or so. 

  2. If you don't want to use a moth spray, take the same process of shaking off the moths but instead but you item in the freezer for 24 hrs. It is important to ensure your item drys well once defrosted.