Hello i'm Janine the maker behind May Queen Crafts. I create traditional and contemporary straw work and corndollies, wheat woven jewellery, dried flower headdresses and home decorations. My work is inspired by golden wheat fields, the turning seasons, dried flowers, rural traditions and folklore. I am a Straw Craftsmen commitee member and I'm passionate about keeping the craft of wheat weaving alive.

I made my first corndolly at the Barking Country Fair in 2012 and from that moment I was hooked. I bought up all the books I could find and attended workshops with the Guild of Straw Craftsmen to learn the skills and techniques used in the traditional craft. I started selling my corndollies, along with dried flower headdresses and home decorations at local craft markets in Bristol and North Somerset and ever since May Queen Crafts has been a journey of creative development and passion for my craft.

 I use UK grown wheat varieties, sourced from local Thatchers and from farmers growing especially for the craft. The dried flowers I use are sourced from UK growers. My work is grounded in the turning seasons and the history and rural traditions that surround wheat weaving and I am continuously inspired by the creative possibilities of this heritage craft.