Traditional and contemporary straw work & straw plaited jewellery

Protection Amulet with Mugwort & Yarrow


This plaited wheat straw spiral pendant encases a blend of dried mugwort and Yarrow to bring protective plant magic to the wearer. Harvested in North Somerset both plants are known for their protective powers. Traditionally posies of yarrow were hung around the neck or sown into the lining of jackets to protect against evil force and harm. Mugwort is an important plant in British and European folk magic and again is used for its powerful protection.

As the spiral is woven from UK grown wheat I add the blended herbs into the centre of the spiral which the acts as the perfect capsule. The spiral is finished with a petal cap and hung around the neck with a waxed cotton cord. There are 3 colour variations that can be chosen from the variation section.

The amulet is beautifully presented in a linen bag with information on the plants used and with samples of the plants contained within the spiral.

Making & delivery times: This piece will take 5 -10 working days to make and send. All UK parcels are sent 2nd class. US parcels are sent tracked.

Caring for your straw jewellery: straw plaited jewellery is strong and durable, but it is important to keep it dry. if it gets very wet dry immediately and always store away from damp