Straw Rattle

  • Straw Rattle
  • Straw Rattle

Traditionally objects like this rattle were made from wheat, rushes or willow and were filled with small stones or bells. They are made using the drop dolly spiral technique with a bell or small stones in the centre. A lovely little glimpse of life from our rural past. I make the rattles using a 6 stem spiral plait that encases a small bell.
This is a prefect piece to display as an ornament in a nursery.

Pleae note that this piece contains a loose bell and may not be suitable as a child's toy.

Making & delivery times: This piece will take 3-5 working days to make and send.

Estimated Delivery times.
UK delivery approx. 2-3 working days,
United States 7 - 10 working days.

Caring for your wheat: Corndollies can last for decades, but it is important to keep them dry and away from damp places.